Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) has teamed up with the #OneLess campaign to urge MPs and Peers to ‘go #OneLess’ and stop buying bottled water, switching instead to using a refillable bottle. They are also calling on Parliament to review its drinking water infrastructure and ensure that water refill points are located throughout Parliamentary buildings.

The move is part of a wider campaign, led by SAS, which is calling for a ‘Plastic Free Parliament’ and urging MPs to lead by example in the war on single-use plastic.

“We hope all Members of Parliament will join us to call for a phase out of throwaway plastics to get their Houses in order,” said Hugo Tagholm, CEO of Surfers Against Sewage.

Fiona Llewellyn, Project Manager of the #OneLess campaign, Zoological Society of London said: “Pledging to ‘go #OneLess’ and stop buying bottled water is a simple change that every individual in Parliament can make. If all MPs and Peers took this step, they could remove over 200,000 bottles from the system every year. This would be good news for London, and for the ocean.”

“The recent series of Blue Planet II has brought to public attention the serious damage plastic is causing to our marine life and habitats. Pressure is rightly growing on all of us to take action to reduce our plastic footprint,” said MP Kerry McCarthy.

An investigation by SAS revealed that over two million avoidable single-use plastic items were purchased by the House of Commons and House of Lords in 2017. Bottled water, plastic straws and stirrers, coffee cups and lids, condiment sachets and plastic cutlery are all still used in large quantities across the Palace of Westminster estate. All can be eliminated or replaced by more sustainable reusable options.

The #OneLess team is excited to be working with SAS on this important initiative. You can show your support by visiting and asking your local MP to sign up.

You can invite your MP to support a Plastic Free Parliament at


06 February 2018


The #OneLess team