Take action to reduce and ultimately eliminate single-use plastic water bottle use in your business, organisation or area. Choose the sustainable way to drink water – refilling and reusing.



The #OneLess pioneer network is a fast-growing network of businesses and organisations that are taking positive action to reduce and ultimately eliminate single-use plastic water bottle use, for the sake of the ocean.

Our members include corporates, councils and local authorities, academic institutions and schools, emerging innovators, landmark London events and venues, small and medium sized enterprises, community groups, and grass-roots campaigns – along with many others.

All the #OneLess pioneers are working to reduce and ultimately eliminate single-use plastic water bottles. They are choosing the sustainable way to drink water – refilling and reusing.

Changing the way we drink water

The #OneLess pioneers are spearheading London’s transition to a ‘refill society’ and rethinking the way that we hydrate the city.
They are taking action. They are disrupting the current way of doing things in a helpful way, with innovations and pioneering activity

Making changes in the workplace, and at venues, events, shops, restaurants and London attractions

Making changes in public spaces such as streets, parks, and other places where people gather

Changing behaviour, social norms, mindsets and perceptions

Designing new solutions and business models that keep our city hydrated without single-use plastic

Redesigning London’s drinking water infrastructure to support refilling

Informing and influencing others to think and act differently

Meet some of the #OneLess pioneers

The case studies

Find out how London is moving away from single-use plastic water bottles, and what actions your organisation can take. These case studies showcase the efforts taken by diverse and innovative #OneLess pioneer network members, all seeking to reduce their plastic use, for the sake of the ocean.

We help the #OneLess pioneers to

Overcome challenges they are encountering

Showcase the pioneering work they are doing

Access new insights and solutions

Connect with each other and learn from each other

Start collaborations and partnerships

Raise their profile


Do you want to join the #OneLess pioneer network and be part of our growing community?

We welcome new members who can demonstrate that they meet the following joining criteria:

  • You are working to reduce and ultimately eliminate single-use plastic water bottles, in favour of refilling and reusing

  • You are willing to experiment and try out new approaches

  • You are enthusiastic to share insights and learnings with others

To join, simply complete the short form available via the link below. There are no costs associated with joining the #OneLess pioneer network.



It seems like a lonely battle sometimes, bringing a concept to market; this collection of people showed me that lots of people across the spectrum of public and private sectors are applying themselves to solving the problem of single use plastics. It was very motivating. Good job #OneLess.

Anthony NewmanApe2o

It was my first opportunity to meet the wider #OneLess community. Therefore it was extremely useful to see the bridges that have already been built and realise the potential to connect much more than before.

Dr. Arturo CastilloImperial College London

Meeting other like minded people and the discussion that follows has been inspirational and hugely encouraging to realise that this objective might really be possible.

Hugh WalkerEden Caterers

Joining the #OneLess Network was an obvious choice for King’s College London, as it mirrors our own vision to make the world a better place through our teaching and research. It’s exciting to work with #OneLess to develop concepts and help solve part of this systemic single-use plastic problem. Our challenge is to make it as easy as possible for our staff, students and visitors to find water refill points within our campuses, and to address negative perceptions around tap water such as taste, health and hygiene.

Oliva PrestonKing's College London

Pioneer network funders

The work of the #OneLess pioneer network is currently supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch), the Oak Foundation, and Selfridges.

We are looking for additional financial and in kind support from pioneers so we can offer you more.

Please contact us at [email protected] if this is something you wish to discuss.