Over 30 million tourists flock to London each year, for many of them buying plastic water bottles may seem like the only way to stay hydrated while exploring a new city.

But London is different!

Drink water the London way.

Refillable water bottle

Carrying a refillable water bottle is the latest London trend.

But don’t worry if you didn’t bring your own. You can buy a refillable bottle from many of London’s museums and tourist destinations, including ZSL London Zoo, Selfridges, the Natural History Museum, as well as coffee shops like Pret A Manger, many major supermarkets too and even some clothes shops!

Drinkable tap water

Tap water is safe to drink wherever you go in London.

London’s world class tap water is accessible across the city and free – so be sure to make the most of it during your visit.

The tap water in London is mainly supplied by Thames Water and is in fact subject to greater testing and controls than the bottled-water industry. There no need to question the safety of tap water in London so use the tap.

Find out more here.

Public fountains

A new network of drinking fountains is expanding across the capital.

We’ve recently worked with the Mayor of London to install more than 20 new drinking fountains across the capital to make it easier to refill on the go. Subsequently the Mayor of London has committed to installed a further 100 drinking fountains across London!

Check out this map to find your nearest drinking fountain.

Free drinking water in cafes

Having access to free drinking water is your right!

By law, all licenced premises in England and Wales are required to provide free drinkable water to their customers on request. This means pubs, bars, nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, takeaway food and drink outlets, cinemas, theatres – anywhere that is authorised to sell alcohol.

Alternatively, you can download the Refill app to find out where you can refill your water bottle for free!

Londoners are saying no to plastic bottled water and embracing tap water, refillable bottles, and free drinking fountains instead.  They are keeping plastic water bottles off the streets, away from the Thames and out of the ocean.

This summer, we’ve joined up with some of London’s leading museums, popular areas and landmark events to showcase all the great alternatives to bottled water we have in London and help visitors to drink water the London way too.

So whether you’re here for business, or settling into a holiday, you too can be part of the movement sweeping across London by carrying a refillable water bottle and filling up from one of the many free drinking water points scattered through the city.

Join Londoners, as we work to protect the Thames and the ocean from unnecessary plastic water bottle pollution.

Competition coming soon

Events and activities

Throughout the summer we will be hosting workshops, attending events and popping up around iconic landmarks across the city to encourage visitors to London to say #GoodbyeOceanPlastic by drinking water the London way.


If you are interested in being a part of this exciting new initiative contact us at [email protected]

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