Throughout the summer, #OneLess encouraged everyone to dust off their refillable water bottles, fill them up at home, and take them along on daily adventures. 

As Londoners started venturing out and about again, our #LoveYourBottle campaign aimed to renew London’s commitment to tackling ocean plastic. Together we worked to reaffirm London’s love for one of the ocean’s littlest heroes – the refillable bottle!

#OneLess is committed to taking action to reduce plastic pollution in our ocean by encouraging Londoners to make the switch from single use plastic water bottles to refilling. In July the #OneLess team shared a series of fun illustrations and animations with our networks to spread the message that you can still avoid single-use plastic water bottles during the global health crisis.

We invited our followers and partners to get involved in #LoveYourBottle by sharing images of their refillable water bottle in action.

We had a fantastic response – take a look at what your refillable bottles got up to on their adventures below:

Here are some of our highlights

  • #OneLess teamed up with over 20 London organisations, including universities, catering companies, leading institutions, environmental charities and local authorities, to remind people to refill at home and take their refillable bottle along on their daily adventures. Organisations that supported the campaign included: Camellia Water, Communications Inc., Eden caterers, Green Decore, International Programme on the State of the Ocean, King’s College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, Marine Diaries, Marine Safe, MIW Water Cooler Experts, OneLess Cambridge, Port London Authority, Refill, Thames Estuary Partnership, Thames21, and the Zoological Society of London.
  • We reached an estimated 141,600 individuals, with a total of 773,470 impressions on social media, and the hashtag #LoveYourBottle was used 213 times.
  • As part of the campaign, we also published a blog: ‘Turning the tide on single-use plastic – for the love of turtles’ which highlights the work of #OneLess partners in the Chagos Islands to tackle ocean plastic pollution. The full blog written by #OneLess manager, Fiona is available to read here.

Thank you to all our partners and followers who were involved in our #LoveYourBottle campaign, and who helped to make it a great success!


14 October 2020


The #OneLess team