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#OneLess is led by a successful collaborative partnership between four organisations: the Zoological Society of London, Forum for the Future, the International Programme on the State of the Ocean, and the Thames Estuary Partnership. Together, we combine backgrounds and expertise in science, policy, system change, sustainable estuarine management, and communication. We are all are members of the Marine CoLABoration, a group of marine NGOs working together to put value at the heart of solutions for the ocean, which initially launched #OneLess as an experiment in 2016.

Fiona Llewellyn

Fiona joined ZSL’s Marine and Freshwater conservation team in 2012, and has driven a broad range of projects, including the pioneering Project Ocean partnership with Selfridges, the Great British Oceans coalition, and the ground-breaking #OneLess project. Fiona is particularly experienced in setting up unique collaborations and partnerships that address ocean threats and use innovative approaches to communicate the value of and need for a healthy ocean.

Shauna Jordan

Shauna joins the #OneLess team as a Project Manager from ZSL’s Marine and Freshwater conservation department based in London. As an On Purpose Fellow, Shauna is committed to facilitating systemic change and enabling others to reconnect with their values through nature. Having worked across multiple sectors including waste management and social impact investment, Shauna brings a wide range of experience and a passion for aligning environmental and social impact.

Alice Chamberlain

Alice is a Project Coordinator in the Marine and Freshwater conservation team at ZSL. Since joining in 2017 Alice has worked on the delivery of multiple projects for #OneLess whilst leading the implementation of our Thames bottle monitoring programme. Alice graduated with a first-class MSci Zoology degree from the University of Bristol, where she focused on understanding the environmental impacts of increased anthropogenic activity.

Surshti Patel

Surshti advises #OneLess on evidence and evaluation and is an interdisciplinary conservation practitioner, with eight years’ experience working with NGOs, business, academia, and scientists. Surshti works in the UK and Internationally to develop and apply socio-ecological approaches to a range of environmental health issues to understand and leverage achievable, fairer, and equitable decision making and action, for shared human and environmental well-being.

Rosie Chambers

Rosie advises #OneLess on communications, and is based at Comms Inc. Rosie is experienced in managing multi-stakeholder behavioural change campaigns within the environmental sector and holds degrees in Conservation Biology and Aquatic Resource Management. She has worked with NGOs including RSPB, DSCC, and the Marine Conservation Society,  developing effective networks and delivering impactful campaigns at a local, national and international level.

Corina Angheloiu

Corina is a design strategist, researcher and facilitator. She is Principal Design Strategist for the global sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future, where she coaches initiatives and organisations tackling systemic challenges – from ocean plastics to urban adaptation.

#OneLess Directors

Heather Koldewey

Heather is the Senior Technical Advisor for Marine and Freshwater Conservation at ZSL and leads the Bertarelli Foundation’s Marine Science programme. She is also an Honorary Professor at the University of Exeter and a National Geographic Explorer. Heather’s work focuses on finding solutions through interdisciplinary research and conservation action at the interface between communities and the environment.

Anna Birney

Anna is Director at Forum for the Future where she drives their vision and ambition internationally. Anna founded the School of Systems Change which seeks to build an international learning community of change-makers that address complex challenges using systemic practices. Anna brings her practical experience of equipping people and organisations with cutting edge tools for system change.

Mirella von Lindenfells

Mirella is the Co-founder of Communications INC and has 35 years’ experience of communications and campaign work in the NGO sector, including senior positions with Greenpeace and Amnesty International.  She also helped found the High Seas Alliance, is active on the steering group of several ocean coalitions. Mirella is a specialist communicator in environmental issues, particularly in the ocean.

Amy Pryor

Amy is a marine and estuarine scientist with over 20 years of experience in the field of marine and coastal management and systems. She is Technical Director at the Thames Estuary Partnership and chairs the national Coastal Partnerships Network, which facilitates collaboration and knowledge exchange between 87 UK Coastal Partnerships and wider coastal initiatives working towards a unified coastal voice – connecting nationally, delivering locally.

Our supporters

#OneLess is supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch) and the Oak Foundation, with additional time and resources contributed by the lead groups. It was inspired by the work of Project Ocean, the partnership between Selfridges and ZSL, which began tackling ocean plastic in 2015. Selfridges is one of the pioneers in this movement and continues to support #OneLess today.