Following the success of the 2015 Selfridges Project Ocean campaign, which saw all single-use plastic water bottles removed from its stores – this year, Selfridges, international conservation charity the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and marine partners are teaming-up to inspire the whole of London to follow suit.

Having already proved it can be done, Selfridges and its partners now want to inspire change across the wider sector by encouraging companies to pledge to remove all single-use plastic water bottles from their offices and retail outlets.

Driven by the unthinkable prediction that by 2025, our oceans could contain one kilogram of plastic waste for every three kilograms of fish, Project Ocean 2016 will focus on building momentum behind the #OneLess project, an initiative of the Marine CoLABoration and hosted by ZSL. The campaign celebrates London as a coastal city, inextricably linked to the ocean by the Thames, and is encouraging the capital’s diverse businesses, visitor attractions and residents to become single-use plastic water bottle free by 2021.

Selfridges will be marking World Oceans Day 2016 (8 June) with a number of special events, including an evening stakeholder reception where invited guests will be encouraged to:

• Remove all single use plastic water bottles from their offices and retail outlets (if applicable).
• Offer alternatives to single-use plastic water bottles such as boxed water/glass or fountains.
• Encourage businesses to inspire their customers to take the OneLess pledge.
• Help make London single use plastic water bottle free by 2021.

Alannah Weston, Deputy Chairman of Selfridges Group will host the event on the evening of June 8th and said:

“The Selfridges Project Ocean campaign has helped drive awareness and action to protect our oceans. With our latest initiative, we aim to create and implement innovative alternatives to single-use plastic water bottles. Our ultimate aim is to make London a single-use plastic water bottle free city by 2021. We hope London will join us on this incredible initiative.”

In recognition of its lead role in the #OneLess campaign, ZSL has ceased selling single-use plastic water bottles at both ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoos– replacing these items with refillable options, alongside more sustainable paperboard alternatives, as the first stage of a campaign designed to educate and engage their visitors. ZSL’s Head of Marine and Freshwater Conservation, Dr Heather Koldewey said:

“Every day the ocean sends oxygen, weather, fresh water and wildlife into the heart of our city through the Thames and every day we send plastic debris back. We live in ‘London-on-Sea’ and are connected to the rest of the world through the ocean. As a vibrant and innovative capital city, we have an amazing opportunity to be global leaders by removing the single use plastic water bottles that litter our city and devastate the ocean.”

The #OneLess campaign is calling on Londoners to take the pledge and switch to refillable bottles. It will be working across all sectors of the city to increase access to free drinking water and phase-out the provision of single use plastic water bottles.


8 June 2016