A rubbish day – by Jemima Smith, aged 11

Once upon a time there was a girl who came down on holiday to the seaside. She was extremely excited about what she was going to see as she had never seen the sea before. She imagined gorgeous white soft sand with a sparkling blue ocean and dolphins leaping. On the day she went down and she couldn’t wait. She bundled into the car and they drove down. She hurried out of the car onto the beach and stood there.

She saw so much litter that she couldn’t see the lovely sand. There were bottles floating in the ocean so no dolphins were leaping. She couldn’t go paddling because it was too dangerous with all the rubbish that had been chucked into the ocean. She sat there and wondered and wondered what she could do to help.

So she became an ocean optimist and decided to help save all the wondrous things about the beach, hoping to get it back to its real beauty. She got to work. She told everyone back home all about it and got a big group to come and help. They did a massive beach clean. They stopped using plastic bottles and used refillable ones instead. When they went to the shops they took reusable bags. It’s like the tortoise and the hare – she hopes that their small steps will make a big difference.


20 September 2017


Jemima Smith, aged 11