A refill revolution is underway in London

The average Londoner buys 175 plastic water bottles each year. Many of these end up in the River Thames, and ultimately flow out to the ocean. Once in the ocean, plastic remains there for hundreds – if not thousands – of years, killing marine creatures, spoiling our coastlines, and damaging livelihoods.

A rapidly growing movement of organisations and communities across the capital is taking action. These organisations and communities are going #OneLess and championing a new refill culture, where using a refillable water bottle is the new norm and where throwaway, single-use bottled water is a thing of the past.

Go #OneLess and make your organisation or community a part of this refill revolution

To go #OneLess, we ask your organization or community to commit to the following four actions. All organisations and communities are unique, so for some taking these actions will be simple and quick; for others it will be a longer process.


Stop buying, selling and using single-use plastic water bottles.

Encourage and facilitate the use of refillable water bottles.

Offer unrestricted access to tap/drinking water and encourage its use.

Inspire others to go #OneLess and create their own refill revolutions.

Recycle your ideas

All organisations and communities that go #OneLess do it in their own individual and unique way. And we can all learn from each other!

Below you’ll find examples of #OneLess in action. Feel free to use these as inspiration. We also encourage you to find and develop your own pioneering and innovative ways to go #OneLess – and to share these with us.

If you’d like to contribute a case study from your workplace or community then please contact [email protected].

Getting started

1. Get the support of others in your organisation.

2. Download and fill in our simple form and send it to us, along with your logo – we’d love to include it on this webpage. Once we have your details we will send you a range of online resources to help you on your #OneLess journey.


3. Develop a tailor-made plan for how your organisation or community is going to go #OneLess.